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My pathetic Seattle Restaurant Week in review

It has been a while since I posted anything.  My short attention span got the better of me and this blog was neglected in favor of watching the Voice, making Christmas cards, and… Continue reading

My Invisible Dog Ate My Sweater [Recipe]

I have nothing to wear. I need to go shopping. I don’t even have the right shoooooeeesss! (yes, I say it like that, generally while laying on the floor of the closet) See… Continue reading

Appreciation and Desire for Herbfarm

Herbfarm. Herbfarm. Herbfarm. Anyone who knows food, especially anyone in Seattle who knows food, should know about the Herbfarm. If you’re still in the dark, read this blog post.  It’s a little dated,… Continue reading

Drowning in Memories, the Life of a Procrastinator

After multiple attempts at scanning in memories, clearing the closet, letting go of sentimentals (magazines from 1995), I have realized that I suck at minimizing. I make honest attempts and have every intention… Continue reading