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Stay Young. Eat Donuts. Drink Beer. [recipe]

Attempting to take a mature stance about getting old is making me feel old.  Screw that idea and screw all the ideas about turning 30.  I’m going to be young forever… Will I… Continue reading

Memorial Weekend M-m-m-madness [Recipe: Goat Cheese Pop-Tarts]

Yes, another belated post…  shut it…  Since February, I’ve been to Austin, Jacksonville, Atlanta (FOUR times), New Orleans, Burnaby, Denver, Portland, Kansas City, Calgary, Toronto (three times), and San Francisco. (Blogs to come… Continue reading

365 Days of Hungry [Recipe]

I want a new camera and am overwhelmed by the choices out there. I’m often overwhelmed by choice. Do I want a new point and shoot, do I want an entry-level DSLR, do… Continue reading

Dance + Technology = Happy Feet! [recipe]

I’m a Millennial. I love my iPhone. My digital life is overshared on multiple social media platforms. A significant portion of my hoarding is in e-junk form on multiple terabytes of storage in… Continue reading

My Invisible Dog Ate My Sweater [Recipe]

I have nothing to wear. I need to go shopping. I don’t even have the right shoooooeeesss! (yes, I say it like that, generally while laying on the floor of the closet) See… Continue reading

Homemade FroYo Means Summer is Here! [recipe]

You have probably heard all the complaints coming from the Pacific Northwest… or at least from our house… WHERE THE HELL IS OUR SUMMER?! I HATE THIS PLACE, WE’RE MOVING. STUPID SEATTLE! Or… Continue reading

Jensiuchi Bed and Breakfast Memorial Day Weekend

The past Memorial Day holiday (yeah yeah yeah, it was nearly three weeks ago now!) left many of us with a three day weekend and most of my three day weekends involve invading… Continue reading

Trials of a Vegan Sausage

Thanks to my recent subscription to Vegetarian Times magazine, I have lots of new soup recipes to try from their soups issue. I love making soup in the winter because it’s warm, takes… Continue reading

Dark Chocolate and Red Wine Cookies

When it’s winter time and the holidays have passed, I want to bake. After we go through a snow storm, followed by an ice storm, followed by a wind storm… I want to… Continue reading

Dairy-free sweet potato and collard green soup with bell pepper, mango, basil salad

I’m always looking for ways to cut out unnecessary carbs and dairy without sacrificing flavor and texture. Not that I don’t enjoy a large bowl of mac and cheese on a regular basis!… Continue reading