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New York State of Mind [photos, photos, photos]

We didn’t take a Greyhound on the Hudson line, but we saw some movie stars and made like tourists on crack. ¬†We were in a New York State of Mind for a girls… Continue reading

Dance + Technology = Happy Feet! [recipe]

I’m a Millennial. I love my iPhone. My digital life is overshared on multiple social media platforms. A significant portion of my hoarding is in e-junk form on multiple terabytes of storage in… Continue reading

Best of Seattle Party Time!

Let me make a disclaimer right now. I am by no means an event critic, a food expert, or even of any dramatic importance to the Seattle food scene, unless you count that… Continue reading

Besties, Bruddahs, Brews, and a Birthday Extravaganza

Prepare for overload… The past week has been a whirlwind of way too much love and excitement. In two weekends and a week, I saw my BFF from Georgia three times, had my… Continue reading

Jensiuchi Bed and Breakfast Memorial Day Weekend

The past Memorial Day holiday (yeah yeah yeah, it was nearly three weeks ago now!) left many of us with a three day weekend and most of my three day weekends involve invading… Continue reading