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Remember when I made vegan s’more ice cream sandwiches?

I used to make stuff.  Like, tasty stuff.  Stuff like VEGAN S’MORE ICE CREAM SANDWICHES! I also used to hoard.  OK, fiiiiineeee… I’m still a semi-hoarder.  Let’s call it a memory collector for… Continue reading

Drowning in Memories, the Life of a Procrastinator

After multiple attempts at scanning in memories, clearing the closet, letting go of sentimentals (magazines from 1995), I have realized that I suck at minimizing. I make honest attempts and have every intention… Continue reading

Laundry Lessons

I have learned over the years to check pockets before doing laundry; primarily for kleenex which likes to blow up in the dryer and leave kleenex dust on everything. What I have NOT… Continue reading