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Candy making class at the Pantry

GOAL:┬áBe at home long enough to sign up for a real cooking class that involves something too intimidating to do at home with the help of google. ┬áCHECK and DONE. In the winter… Continue reading

Iron Horse Relay and outdoor adventures in my backyard

Yes, another post that is nearly a month after the actual event(s) took place… Shocking, I know. Let’s see YOU work full time and maintain a blog! Fine, I’m just lazy and overcritical… Continue reading

Wait, my organic/vegan/local meal isn’t good for me?!

I had a friend who would buy cookies and sugary juice drinks from Whole Foods and then wonder out loud why she wasn’t losing weight. You know the type… Salad with extra containers… Continue reading

Dark Chocolate and Red Wine Cookies

When it’s winter time and the holidays have passed, I want to bake. After we go through a snow storm, followed by an ice storm, followed by a wind storm… I want to… Continue reading

Chocolate Overdose

I admit to being a salty-savory person (in more ways than one), but I can appreciate the sweet things in life too. Last night, I did just that with a chocolate lava cake… Continue reading