First Valentine’s Day married, but alone!

When you think of Valentine’s Day you think of love and spending time with that special someone. And although Bryan and I are finally a legal married unit, the stars did not align… Continue reading

Trials of a Vegan Sausage

Thanks to my recent subscription to Vegetarian Times magazine, I have lots of new soup recipes to try from their soups issue. I love making soup in the winter because it’s warm, takes… Continue reading

Dark Chocolate and Red Wine Cookies

When it’s winter time and the holidays have passed, I want to bake. After we go through a snow storm, followed by an ice storm, followed by a wind storm… I want to… Continue reading


“SHUCK! SHUCK! SHUCK! SHUCK!” That was the sound coming out of Local 360 (@Local360Seattle) the other night as a crowd of people watched six guys compete for the title of “fastest shucker in… Continue reading

Dairy-free sweet potato and collard green soup with bell pepper, mango, basil salad

I’m always looking for ways to cut out unnecessary carbs and dairy without sacrificing flavor and texture. Not that I don’t enjoy a large bowl of mac and cheese on a regular basis!… Continue reading

Cooking 101: Knife skills

Pretty much everyone sets some sort of new years resolution. Don’t lie, you know you did it too. And yes, it still counts as a resolution no matter what you call it. Anyways,… Continue reading

An evening with walruses

If I told you that I paid to spend the night on a beach in Washington… in January… just to eat oysters, you might think I was crazy. But when I heard about… Continue reading

Deconstructed: Broccoli Cheddar Soup

It’s national soup month and cold outside, which normally means soup in our house and when you add a toasty panini to the plate… well, life is complete. So when I found this… Continue reading

Laundry Lessons

I have learned over the years to check pockets before doing laundry; primarily for kleenex which likes to blow up in the dryer and leave kleenex dust on everything. What I have NOT… Continue reading

HMCS!? Get Outta Here… Seriously.

Until recently, I hadn’t heard about HMCS (High Maltose Corn Syrup). You foodies out there are probably thinking “what the hell does this girl eat to call herself a foodie?!”  I try to… Continue reading