Best of Seattle Party Time!

Let me make a disclaimer right now. I am by no means an event critic, a food expert, or even of any dramatic importance to the Seattle food scene, unless you count that… Continue reading

Besties, Bruddahs, Brews, and a Birthday Extravaganza

Prepare for overload… The past week has been a whirlwind of way too much love and excitement. In two weekends and a week, I saw my BFF from Georgia three times, had my… Continue reading

Appreciation and Desire for Herbfarm

Herbfarm. Herbfarm. Herbfarm. Anyone who knows food, especially anyone in Seattle who knows food, should know about the Herbfarm. If you’re still in the dark, read this blog post.  It’s a little dated,… Continue reading

Homemade FroYo Means Summer is Here! [recipe]

You have probably heard all the complaints coming from the Pacific Northwest… or at least from our house… WHERE THE HELL IS OUR SUMMER?! I HATE THIS PLACE, WE’RE MOVING. STUPID SEATTLE! Or… Continue reading

One lucky sunuvabitch

It’s not too often that I get sentimental about life… Occasionally I might with the right combo of wine and emotions, but seriously this week really got me thinking about how lucky I… Continue reading

Drowning in Memories, the Life of a Procrastinator

After multiple attempts at scanning in memories, clearing the closet, letting go of sentimentals (magazines from 1995), I have realized that I suck at minimizing. I make honest attempts and have every intention… Continue reading

Jensiuchi Bed and Breakfast Memorial Day Weekend

The past Memorial Day holiday (yeah yeah yeah, it was nearly three weeks ago now!) left many of us with a three day weekend and most of my three day weekends involve invading… Continue reading

Hungry and Helpless in Houston

No, I’m not talking about the Hunger Games… I’m talking about being hungry in Houston and the dangers of wandering the streets looking for food when you are associated with a dork conference.… Continue reading

Cookie failure

Cookies… Salt… Fresh baked goods for a neighborly party to make new friends… Delightful smells from a kitchen on a sunny day… Sounds pretty wonderful, doesn’t it? Well, I can tell you that… Continue reading

Wedding Highlight Video

After our solo Valentine’s Day, we both arrived home to a package in the mail from our wedding videographer. Our wedding DVD and highlight video was finally finished! When we were planning the… Continue reading