Truckin’ good times at the SLU Mobile Food Rodeo

ME WANT FOOD!!! And when me want food, me get food. This time it was via the Mobile Food Rodeo in South Lake Union! I have been dying to attend a Mobile Food… Continue reading

Iron Horse Relay and outdoor adventures in my backyard

Yes, another post that is nearly a month after the actual event(s) took place… Shocking, I know. Let’s see YOU work full time and maintain a blog! Fine, I’m just lazy and overcritical… Continue reading

Excuse me while I eat my paycheck

Between food events, Jensiuchi B&B weekends, organic produce, specialty foods, new restaurants, new outfits to wear to fancy restaurants, new shoes to go with the new outfit…  I’m eating my way into the poorhouse.  All… Continue reading

Wait, my organic/vegan/local meal isn’t good for me?!

I had a friend who would buy cookies and sugary juice drinks from Whole Foods and then wonder out loud why she wasn’t losing weight. You know the type… Salad with extra containers… Continue reading

Dance + Technology = Happy Feet! [recipe]

I’m a Millennial. I love my iPhone. My digital life is overshared on multiple social media platforms. A significant portion of my hoarding is in e-junk form on multiple terabytes of storage in… Continue reading

Mckayla is Not Impressed

My photo submission made it onto the mckayla is not impressed tumblr site!  You should check the site out.  It’s hilarious and it made me feel like a celebrity for getting posted.  No… Continue reading

My Invisible Dog Ate My Sweater [Recipe]

I have nothing to wear. I need to go shopping. I don’t even have the right shoooooeeesss! (yes, I say it like that, generally while laying on the floor of the closet) See… Continue reading

Spice Girls and a Spicy Burrito [recipe]

Sunday afternoon, I was sitting in SUNNY Seattle with great company and a new friend, eating oysters at Taylor Shellfish (yes, that’s important cause it’s one of our fav local companies), and sipping… Continue reading

Olympics and Water Polo Hats

It’s been an exhausting two weeks with all the Olympic excitement. Our TV has been on NBC nonstop. We come home, the TV is on. We go to bed, the TV is on.… Continue reading

Play-by-Play of First Dinner at Canlis!

One year ago today, Bryan and I officially became the Jensiuchi family! After the horrible summer weather of 2011, the 1st week of August turned around to provide us with the most magnificent… Continue reading