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365 Days of Hungry [Recipe]

I want a new camera and am overwhelmed by the choices out there. I’m often overwhelmed by choice. Do I want a new point and shoot, do I want an entry-level DSLR, do… Continue reading

Drowning in Memories, the Life of a Procrastinator

After multiple attempts at scanning in memories, clearing the closet, letting go of sentimentals (magazines from 1995), I have realized that I suck at minimizing. I make honest attempts and have every intention… Continue reading

Laundry Lessons

I have learned over the years to check pockets before doing laundry; primarily for kleenex which likes to blow up in the dryer and leave kleenex dust on everything. What I have NOT… Continue reading

HMCS!? Get Outta Here… Seriously.

Until recently, I hadn’t heard about HMCS (High Maltose Corn Syrup). You foodies out there are probably thinking “what the hell does this girl eat to call herself a foodie?!”  I try to… Continue reading

Merry Christmas in 2011

Christmas day 2011 is nearly over and Bryan and I spent the entire day vegging out (Bryan watched football and Ashley took a nap) and playing with our new electronics.  This meant iMovie… Continue reading

Spontaneous Cookie Combustion

This year Ashley got a wild hair to make Christmas cookies for some neighbors, friends, and co-workers. She decided to do five varieties in ONE day and didn’t start baking until 4pm, which… Continue reading

Happy Holidays!

We got our holiday cards sent out on time this year, so hopefully you are looking at our site because of our plug on the bottom of the card.  Keep checking in and… Continue reading

SeattleMet Contribution

As many of you already know, Ashley likes to shop and eat… and eat and shop.  She also reads about shopping and eating all the time.  This is the second time her comment… Continue reading

Turkey + Wedding = FUN

This year we spent Thanksgiving morning finishing a red-eye flight to Virginia for my cousins wedding. Luckily we were greeted by a homemade banquet of delicious treats and warm family hugs. After consuming… Continue reading

Disposable Camera Photos from our Wedding

We got over 1,000 photos out of all the disposable cameras at our wedding, so to save you some time we crammed about 400 of them into a 4 minute slideshow below.  You… Continue reading