2014: The Year of New Beginnings

Again, I’m late with a post that relies pretty heavily on the date of delivery, but oh well…my New Year’s resolution wasn’t to be more timely.  Not that I make resolutions anyways!

At the end of 2012, I said that 2013 was going to be the year of change.  And holy crap, was there change to be had…


Bought my first brand new car – a hybrid too!

2013-07-16 21.37.06

Gave away the majority of my stuffed animals

2013-07-21 17.35.37-2

Recycled the remainder of my WWD collection

2013-08-02 14.50.26

Became a landlord

2013-10-22 17.51.26

Moved from BFE back to civilization

2013-11-04 04.52.30

Entered a new decade by celebrating with the most amaaaaazing friends

There was some negative change that happened too…  But most of the negative change eventually turned into a positive.

To make sure my idea of change in 2013 wasn’t completely selfish and inwardly focused, I took the last week of December to query some people around me about the change they felt happened in 2013; both personally and globally.  It turned out to be an interesting peek into people’s brains and what they feel is important, or at least what stays at the top of their internal lists.

Java Printing

Java Printing

I won’t waste words by writing too much about the comments I got back from my friends, but it was pretty clear that globally people were focused on social media, human rights, the new Pope, and the Royal Baby…  While personally it seems like people were focused on changes at work and being more patient, which seem to go hand in hand.  It probably also has a lot to do with the fact that all my friends are near 30, recently turned 30, or just over 30.

Embracing change was my biggest challenge in 2013.  It’s easy to embrace fun changes, such as travelling more for work or moving back into the city.  But it took most of 2013 for me to accept that the most rewarding changes might be the most uncomfortable.    We can call that a work in progress…

While 2013 rang in with a sense of gloom and doom, it’s transitioned into a fantastic year of positive change and I am certain that 2014 will be the year of new beginnings.   And despite still feeling like change is scary and equally exciting, new beginnings can be just the thing to bring in a new year!  Kanpai and GO HAWKS!