Shhh… It’s A Secret… Supper!

The excitement of the unknown can be thrilling.  It can also be a little daunting.  Unknown dining location however, may be the best thing EVER!

Yeah, yeah…  so much is the best thing EVER to me. 

2013-10-24 20.08.04

After hearing about the Secret Supper that SeattleMet was hosting to reveal the best new restaurant in Seattle, I purchased tickets like my life depended on it.  It later occurred to me that I had no one to bring to this dinner date, especially after asking my normal lady-date who refused me.  Luckily, I was able to find  friend who was willing and able to accompany me and we had a fantastic time.  I mean, unlimited drinks and an amazing spread of food always makes for good times.

2013-10-24 19.59.28

Secret Supper dining buddy, Inigo Montoya… I mean, Colin!

The dining location was a secret until the morning of the event, so needless to say, the morning of the event had me wrecked with anticipation.  I had every device within reach refreshing email so I could find out the second it was announced!

2013-10-24 19.57.11

Location revealed! Mamnoon on Melrose in Capitol Hill

After we were admitted to the restaurant, we were provided with cocktails and mingled about to check out Mamnoon .  And despite feeling like I was now in-the-know, I still had no clue what to expect!

2013-10-24 20.04.59

Dangerously huggable puffer fish lamp

2013-10-24 20.08.28

Mamnoon lanyards? I don’t get it.

Some of the guys responsible for our delicious eats!

Some of the guys responsible for our delicious eats!

After half an hour of mingling and checking out Mamnoon, we were all asked to be seated for our meal.  Everything was assigned seating and I was beyond shocked when the lady next to me said “I’m not a vegetarian, but a pescetarian.”  Seriously, I wanted to give her a hug and ask her to be my best friend for life.

The tables were preset with some sort of breadstick that I cannot seem to locate the exact name of; however, I do remember that our lovely waiter told us that the dip was strained yogurt with olive oil.  It was a shock, because I would have totally believed him if he had said it was goat cheese.  Amazing.  AH-maZING!


Breadsticks and strained yogurt that tasted like a goat cheese


Our adorable waiter, who ended up being there for my return visit too!

After our table devoured the breadsticks, we were presented with a little ‘amuse’ before the spread of spreads began to appear.  The spreads were incredible, in addition to their barbari breads… and there was SOOOO much.  It was good timing though because the booze kept coming, so we all needed something to start soaking up the alcohol.

2013-10-24 20.21.26

The amuse…Samkeh Harra: yellowfin, pepper paste, pine nut, cumin, cilantro sprout

2013-10-24 20.27.19

Housemade Arabic white, wheat, barbari breads

2013-10-24 20.29.12

Olive oil and herbs for the barbari

2013-10-24 20.36.26

Muhammara; walnut, pepper paste, cumin, pomegranate molasses

2013-10-24 20.40.02

Shamandar bi tahini: grated beets, yogurt, garlic, tahini, mint

2013-10-24 21.19.55

Mamnoon No. 14: russell’s reserve whisky , cardamaro, allspice charm

Once the REAL food started to show up and I knew the evening was going to end with me being wheeled out like Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I’m feeling full again just writing this…  Possibly feeling drunk again too.


Arnabiet makli: fried cauliflower, tarrator…  One of my favorites of the night.


Working hard to taste each of these wines many times


Dangerously Addictive… Fatteh betinjan: eggplant, tomato, garlic yogurt, crispy pita, pine nut


Pescetarian option! Sayadiyeh: roasted halibut, freekeh, crispy onion, almond, caraway jus

2013-10-24 22.00.18

Delicious vegetables to eat with our proteins

The awesome thing about going to a food event with someone who has ZERO dietary restrictions is that I got to see what normal people were served!  I’m so glad I didn’t risk it though, because there was a massive bone sticking out of Colin’s plate, which he enjoyed… a lot.

2013-10-24 22.02.53

Khoresh: lamb shank, mushroom, charred onion, garlic, saffron, parsley

2013-10-24 22.11.18

Colin looks CRAZY!

2013-10-24 21.58.43

One cannot enjoy proteins at a Middle Eastern dining location without yellow rice!

So while I watched Colin chew on a massive bone, I worked on cleaning up more dranks.  And by the time dessert came around, we were stuffed to the brim, but managed to choke it down because it was so delicious!

2013-10-24 22.35.24

No recollection of what this was, only that it was a delicious treat before dessert!

2013-10-24 22.38.42

Labneh bil seniyah: labneh cheesecake, walnut toffee, cara cara orange preserve

2013-10-24 23.04.53

Labneh didn’t make it, but more drank did!!

And just when we thought it was all over…  they gave us goodie bags.  Death by food and drink; that’s how I want to go (as of this moment… but already rethinking decision now that I am thinking about it).

2013-10-24 22.41.46

Goodie bag. Contents may have been consumed as morning hangover breakfast, in addition to leftovers from meal.

So while Colin and I were by far the youngest people at this thing, AND we shut it DOWN, it was so tasty and tons of fun.  And to top it off, nothing beats a wobbly Asian in heels trying to get home through the streets of Seattle on a Thursday night.

Congratulations again to Mamnoon!  I’ve already been back once since the event and plan on making many more trips there.


The wonderful staff at Mamnoon Restaurant posing for an end of night photo