30, 30, and 30

30 days of 30 challenges in time for the big 30.

In an attempt to prevent a nervous breakdown (and I s’pose support the idea of change in 2013) on the actual day of reckoning, I decided to make a list of 30 things to do in 30 days before turning 30.  It started as a list that I was going to prepare on my own, but to make it a legitimate challenge, I asked for input from close friends and family.  This means that the list will truly encompass things that are completely off the wall or break me out of my comfort zone.  This also means that to some extent it’s now turned into a giant list of dares that may only be on there for the pure entertainment of others at my expense.

However, being someone who never backs down from a challenge, I’m going in guns blazing.


Me, destroying the challenge list

Full list with documentation will be posted in 30 days.  And if for some reason I end up failing miserably, you can find me on November 5th getting gakked up on woop chicken.