Seattle Street Food Festival – Night Market

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a large scale food event and this one was pretty large (that’s what she said) and I was crazy excited to see how things had changed and improved from previous food truck type events…  Do you like how I act like I have been to hundreds of them?  Yeah.

IMG_0286.JPG (2)

Rockin’ VIF (very important foodie) status is the way to be!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t that impressed this time…  Maybe I’m getting food trucked out?  Spoiled from endless options? Already tried a lot of the places?  Trying to replicate the same stuff at home?  All I know is that the mass amount of people was too much.

2013-08-10 17.25.01-1

If you need to eat, support local establishments while inching your way through masses of bodies!

After getting an elbow in my mouth, beads tossed at my head, and accidentally sticking my nose into someone’s armpit…  I am done with these large scale food events.  Maybe I’m being old or pulling a hipster move, where it’s only cool before it’s cool, but last year I went to the SLU Mobile Food Rodeo and it was f’in awesome (you didn’t think I would miss the opportunity to link that, right?!) with less swarms.   Granted, there was still plenty of delicious food and fun to be had at the Seattle Street Food Festival, because I always have fun, especially when food and beer is involved!!

IMG_0289.JPG (2)

Don’t mess around when it comes to developing a plan of attack at a food event

We arrived STARVING and THIRSTY; expert planning on our part.  So we headed straight for the beer garden with plans to grab the first treat that looked good.  Lucky for me, the place that I had on my radar was Makini Howells new vegan food truck, Plum Burger and they were right across from the beer garden!  I have a mini love-obsession going on with Plum Bistro and contributed to their Kickstarter campaign to get this food truck started, so it was quite an exciting moment to see it in the flesh (the fuel? the metal?).


Plum Burgers – Seattle vegan food truck!!!

We went a little overboard at Plum Burgers and ordered the BBQ Pulled Oyster Mushroom Burger, Curry Yam Fries, and a Cookies and Cream Milkshake.  How often can you say you ordered a vegan milkshake? Let alone a vegan milkshake that tastes just like the real thing?  It definitely brought our boys to the (beer) yard, because we balanced this food in one hand and proceeded into the beer garden to accompany our first bite with some Elysian Men’s Room Red.

2013-08-10 17.49.41

BBQ Pulled Oyster Mushroom Burger with Curry Yam Fries from Plum Burger

2013-08-10 17.54.03

Vegan food + vegan milkshake + BEER = DUH


Best friends share vegan cookies and cream milkshakes

Now, we may have started off a little ambitious with a full meal, BUT we’re troopers and pressed on after taking multiple photos of ourselves enjoying that milkshake together.  Do we sip in the photo?  Smile with the straw in our mouth?  Just smile?  Questions that can only be answered by the greater universe…


Lia is like a dog stalker…

While we finished our beers, I groaned about being full already and Lia maintained her distraction with every dog that had legs shorter than 6 inches…  She is obsessed.


What a JERK! A SODA jerk…

2013-08-10 18.40.13

Cold brew coffee that I never made it back for!!

2013-08-10 18.38.58

Waffles swimming with deliciousness

Fish Waffle

I need a waffle iron shaped like a fish. Immediately.

Eventually, I manned up and proceeded to the next stop.  Lia was smart and went with a refreshing lime cilantro jalapeno drink from Soda Jerk.  I was going to be smart and get a cold brew coffee from Anchorhead Coffee, but became immediately distracted by taiyaki (fish-shaped stuffed waffles) from Bean Fish.  So despite my already feeling full, I ended up with a Japanese azuki (red bean) stuffed waffle that was shaped like a fish…  I fear the other half of it is still sitting in my purse.

IMG_0296.JPG (2)

VIFs get priority access to things like cream puffs… before they sell out!

Cream Puffs

How does one choose from all these cream puff options?!

Inside Puffs

Classic lemon and a killer black sesame cream puff

Lia’s smart choice of a refreshing drink didn’t last long.  By the time I finished ordering my adorable waffle, she had managed to get a hold of TWO cream puffs from Clover Sweets and Pastries.  One classic flavor to try and another unique to test.  Obviously, you can’t just get one!  And although I am not a cream puff fan, they were pretty tasty.  The black sesame one was killer in my book.  It reminded me that I still need to make black sesame dumplings!

2013-08-10 18.48.30

When you gotta work, work behind a vendor at a street food festival!

2013-08-10 20.12.35

Taking crowd photos like a creeper through a fence…

2013-08-10 20.12.57

…until Lia pointed out that the fence ended in about 2 feet…

2013-08-10 20.20.14

Practicing safe food preparation, no matter what!

Since neither one of us are huge fans of getting elbows in the nose while stuffing our faces, we ended up hiding out to eat.  And when the beer garden was too far away (aka more than 25 steps away), we turned to jumping behind the vendors stands or sitting the the grass with the masses.  We saw some interesting things off the main food track and it was quite enjoyable once the two minutes of rain passed!  Yes, I live in Seattle and grumbled when a few droplets fell from the sky.

VIF Sign

Glad the VIF signs were floating down the center of the masses… helpful.

At this point, we were both beginning to feel a little sick and were wondering where the hell the $5 sample sized platters were.  All we had consumed were full sized plates and treats!  Even the VIF lines were sometimes challenging to find or figure out.  Not to worry though…  we pressed on, determined to eat more!

2013-08-10 19.33.40

This lady must have been shuckin’ corn for days!


Winner of cutest food truck, that I didn’t get a photo of…

After gawking at how crazy the line was for corn, we took a food break which involved splitting a piece of toasted rye topped with smoked herring rillette with pickled shallots from Narwhal Oyster Truck.  Lia wanted to go there because it was cute and I was just sad that I wasn’t wearing my f*ckin magic narwhal shirt that was acquired at last years Urban Craft Fair from Cellar Door Mercantile.  And now that the Seattle Street Food Festival is over, I find myself being sad that I didn’t get a picture of their truck because it is the most adorable truck, EVER!  Yes, Lia…  MOST ADORABLE, EVER!


Finally a $5 sample plate of ‘salmo’

2013-08-10 19.40.46

Scrumptious salmon cake balls with maple bourbon pickled carrots that I dismissed until I devoured one and then wanted more

2013-08-10 19.09.36

Fancy food trucks get TVs to display their menus!

2013-08-10 19.40.28

Brain had stopped functioning at this point… grilled peach drink and tasty salad with something fried… Seriously…

We finally agreed that it was time to get our last bite and go wash it down with a beer.  Lia went for my favorite food…  pickles from How Pickles Got Out of a Jam.  [disclaimer: while I stand firm about disliking pickles…  I want a pantry full of their maple bourbon pickled carrots.]  And even though I was near vomiting, I saw someone eating scallops from Barking Frog Mobile Kitchen and decided I needed it.  Buuuutt, in typical fashion, I got in line and immediately wanted more and ended up with something completely different and a drink.  Sunnnuva…


Trying to finish with something healthy, like a salad topped with a deep fried vegetable…

Now, I felt sick.  Seriously.  Do you see this collage of ridiculously unflattering photos that I have publicly posted of myself above?  It looks like my face is melting off my head and it accurately sums up how I felt.  I can only hope that the moaning sounds that I made leaving the Seattle Street Food Festival made someone think “I dun good” instead of “is someone dying?”

2013-08-10 20.55.28

Leaving your flash on like an idiot in a cool restaurant? LAME.

After we finished gorging on food and drink, I had a plane to catch to Toronto (who has to travel for work at 1am on a Saturday night?!), but in Ashley and Lia style, we finished with a classy nightcap at Canon: Whiskey and Bitters Emporium.  Our bartender was obviously awesome since Canon has been racking up the awards, but my camera was notsomuch and decided to flash…  How about letting everyone in the bar know that I was being Asian and committing the worst offense in a “hip” restaurant?  I just said “hip” with quotes.

2013-08-10 20.55.39

Drink making magic!


‘Shrouded Roulette’ where you pick your liquor of choice…


‘Campfire in Georgia’ drink for my southern roots

In summary… Having many food trucks/vendors in one spot is cool; Paying to cut in line rules when you can figure it out; A nightcap will almost always turn into nightCAPS; a beer belly will likely turn into a beer gut; conversion from large scale food event participation is taking place; and Ron Weasley may or may not make appearance after dark.