Embracing Change

Sweet baby Jesus…  It’s been a while since I have posted anything!  I’ve been busy, OK?!  BUT you may have noticed that I did take some time to change my blog name (very important).  Full credit goes to Lia on that one.


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The night that this happened is a blur (too many cups of tea and scholarly discussions), but I remember Lia posting this Instagram and it was very amusing to us both… So amusing, that I changed my blog to commemorate the event.  However, this photo does a great job at summing up how I feel when lacking eatings.


Draft Draft Draft

Anyways…  I’ve not posted a single thing for the year 2013, even though there are many drafts sitting in my queue.  There’s been so many things going on that this blog has been at the bottom of the priority list and has definitely been the subject of neglect for my attention span.  When were all preparing for 2013 to approach, I told many many many (MANY) people that I felt like it was going to be the year of CHANGE.  And holy shit, it’s been that and more.


Loft turned into closet

No one who reads this needs or wants to know all my personal dirty (or clean) laundry, but you can see that I have a lot of it, literally and figuratively…  I can tell you that this year, while rocky and a little terrifying at points, has been an amazing journey of personal growth and change.  [That may be the cheeziest thing I’ve ever written, especially in public and by tomorrow I may remove it before publishing].

Seattle Airplane

Gorgeous Seattle day on the runway at SeaTac Airport

Throughout the past few months, I have done a massive amount of airport/airplane reading and my magazine purchases and blog feeds have changed from food to positivity.  One of my favorite posts that I refer to often, is from TinyBuddha; reduce, acknowledge, accept, learn, recognize and embrace.  I can’t say that I have lived up to the first one with the amount of shopping I have been doing in my hotel rooms at night, BUT I’ve definitely shifted into the last five with a moderate amount of grace.


Circle of Trust

And while all of this change can be awkward, exciting, and scary at the same time, one thing that I am lucky has never changed is trusting the people that I keep close.  I’ve got serious friend-commitment and trust issues, but I have definitely leaned on some people more than normal this year and I am grateful to know that while some of them are more recent additions to my circle of trust, there are some who have been there since grade school. This circle has spent many a cumulative hours listening to my blabberings and I bear hug all of them for it.


Sunny days ahead!

My roadmap for the rest of the year is already filled with impending changes, but I look forward to all of them and the challenges they bring.

Change. Embrace it or kick it in the face