Truckin’ good times at the SLU Mobile Food Rodeo

ME WANT FOOD!!! And when me want food, me get food. This time it was via the Mobile Food Rodeo in South Lake Union! I have been dying to attend a Mobile Food Rodeo ever since Bryan and I randomly walked through one at the Fremont farmers market, so when my friend Kristin from Tetuán Photography | Design said “you blog. me shoot” it was a match made in heaven!


Kristin getting a random stranger piggyback…

Since we both live in BFE, we caught an early bus into Seattle and because the weather was nice, it turned out to be a PERFECT day for walking and grass floor eating! However, sunny weather in Seattle brings everyone out of their caves, especially when there is a FREE admission food event. All the more reason I was glad that we splurged and got VIF (Very Important Foodie) passes which gave us goodie bags, exclusive eating for two hours, and some cash-money to spend with the LevelUp app… which is amazing, when places accept it.


There were so many food trucks, I went into a food decision overload. And to top it off, we noticed that all the trucks were serving normal sized portions! Let’s just say that I was grateful to be wearing a dress with a stretchy waist.


We made an attempt to develop a multiple course meal out of the food truck offerings. It was so freaking hard! I’m not good at making choices. But after a few walk-bys, we started with a frisbee-sized veggie crepe from Crisp Creperie, a ratatouille sandwich and Thai iced tea from Chopstix, and a massive nekked fry bread from Off the Rez. My stomach was close to content, but that’s not an acceptable way to leave a food event, so we went scouring for dessert.

Cooks gotta eat too!
Photography by Tetuán Photography | Design

Happiness in my hand from Curry Now
Photography by Tetuán Photography | Design


One of the funny things we noticed while walking around was the different scents that we each picked up. I seemed to focus on the smell of warm cheese coming from the the Grilled Cheese Experience and Kristin kept focusing on the smell of meat and onions from Athena’s. Yes, science discussions always arise with Kristin… She’s the nerdy creative in my life. I love her. BUT, we both zoned in on the curry smell from the handful of Indian and Thai trucks. I am officially obsessed with the veggie curry tacos from Curry Now. Someone bring that food truck to me. NOW.


Finally, it was time for dessert! So we kept with the brain signals for curry and headed to Street Donut for some chocolate curry mini donuts. The lady in their little food trailer was so nice! She even drizzled those donuts slowly for us. Ohhhh yeaaah. I did find myself wanting more curry on the donuts though. Maybe I’ll get ambitious this winter and make donuts at home. Maybe.

Photography by Tetuán Photography | Design

Would it surprise you to learn that my stomach was still not satisfied? I still needed something… A bear hug? A brown butter krispy from a slightly grumpy lady at Sweet Treats? Nope, still unsatisfied. Kristin on the other hand was close to being sick. She obviously needs more stomach stretching exercises (aka face stuffing practice).


Gluttony at it’s best
Photography by Tetuán Photography | Design

After a few minutes of sitting in the park with a slightly-better-than-average salty rice krispy treat, I went into full force Ashley moping mode. This is what happens when I am left unsatisfied in the middle of a food event. It just seemed more pathetic than normal since I was laying in our food trash. But despite my whining, a cold zucchini in our crepe, and ONE grumpy food truck, the Mobile Food Rodeo was awesome. I’m already counting the days until the Spring 2013 one in Fremont.


Photographer at work

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