Olympics and Water Polo Hats

It’s been an exhausting two weeks with all the Olympic excitement. Our TV has been on NBC nonstop. We come home, the TV is on. We go to bed, the TV is on. I’m working from home, the TV is on. If you haven’t been doing the same thing, then you’re not human.

And lucky me, working from home a lot, I see all the non-primetime competitions, like synchronized swimming (Bryan’s new fav), rifle shooting, equestrian jumping (I didn’t even know that was an Olympic sport!), and water polo. Yeah, water polo.



Now, i don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen water polo before, or at least never paid any attention to it. But i saw it this week… It’s so weird! I’m trying to figure out if it’s like soccer and basketball combined and put into a pool. And WHAT is up with their hats with those ear things? Hair protection? Sure, maybe. But the ear caps things that make them look like little martians.

I’m sure it’s a very difficult sport that I would never have the physical strength to even try, I just don’t get it.



Since the Olympics seem determined to keep my butt glued to the couch and out of the kitchen, our dinners have been non-existent. It’s been a “throw same crap in a bowl and call it dinner!” kind of a week. So I made wannabe spaghetti (noodles, pre-made sauce, zucchini, tofu, and onion) on Tuesday, which lasted through Thursday. And I made cookies and cream ice cream by smashing some Foreos (fake Oreos) into a bin of Almond Dream Ice Cream. Thank god there are only two of us and we are equally too lazy to complain about any of this.




On a side note… I don’t like the Almond Dream ice cream. It tastes artificially sweet to me, which I know isn’t true. Something is weird about it that I can’t pinpoint. I will stick to the SoDelicious coconut milk ice creams. Or stop being lazy and make my own dairy-free ice cream since it is pretty freaking easy. And yeah, I still call it ICE CREAM when it’s dairy-free. Leave it alone.



But man, I felt like a lame wife when last night while I was eating my left over spaghetti and avocado smashed toast (for Olympic week we shall pretend its fresh garlic bread)! I looked over at Bryan eating cereal and wine for dinner because someone ate all the leftover spaghetti with their toast fake garlic bread so he didn’t have anything to eat.

Tonight I am determined to make up for it though! It’s Friday, so I’m making a Bryan-friendly homecooked meal, which basically means wheat-free, dairy-free, and farm-animal-meat free (for me). All the details aren’t sorted out yet (I’ve got almost 8 hours till dinner time!), but I know there will be dairy-free dark chocolate coconut ice cream for dessert.

And Lia, I hope my crappy photos are big enough for you now.