Appreciation and Desire for Herbfarm

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, by Ron Zimmerman

Herbfarm. Herbfarm. Herbfarm.

Anyone who knows food, especially anyone in Seattle who knows food, should know about the Herbfarm. If you’re still in the dark, read this blog post.  It’s a little dated, but really sums up the entire experience from start to finish.  Some may feel that the Herbfarm is overpriced and is more hype than necessary, but I’ve been trying to get there since I was in High School and first learned of it! And with my 10 year reunion just around the corner, I have come to realize that it’s been a dream in the making for over TEN YEARS! Shameful to sit on an attainable goal for that long.

I was recently inches away from my Herbfarm dream for our anniversary this year, until Bryan saw “5 hour dining experience”. 5 hours of someone else cooking, feeding, and boozing me? HEAVEN. 5 hours of sitting for Bryan? HELL. He even mentioned paying for me to go with someone else. Granted he was under the influence when that grumble came out. We shall see if he remembers that another day.


So my desire to dine at the Herbfarm only continues to escalate as I continue to avoid finishing Lia’s birthday weekend menu. Who has the talent to think up an entire menu based on a single theme with a fluid theme that rolls through from plate to plate? <Insert answer “the Herbfarm”> It’s certainly not me, cause my menu is currently bouncing from caramel to avocados to blackberries, finished with a baller-level bottle of Malbec. And by baller-level, I mean $50, which is probably a $150 bottle in a restaurant… so we’ll go with that number to make it sound more awesome than it really is.

I have a little over a week to finish developing this weekend birthday menu and it’s only getting more challenging as I jam more ideas into the mix.  My primary goals are to use seasonal ingredients (local when possible), make some dishes worthy of the birthday girl (caramel, bacon, and wine), and not give her a birthday present of 50lbs in three days.  Seems reasonable, right?  If your answer is YES, then you come finish this freaking menu and talk some sense into me before I have kids cause I can only imagine the level of planning that will go into my own spawns’ birthday parties.

In the meantime, I will continue to stare at the themes on the Herbfarm website, whine about my lack of creativity to create a themed birthday menu, and continue to think about just taking myself to the Herbfarm for a solo experience.  But really, what fun is food if you have to enjoy it alone?