One lucky sunuvabitch

It’s not too often that I get sentimental about life… Occasionally I might with the right combo of wine and emotions, but seriously this week really got me thinking about how lucky I am. We ALL probably bitch and complain more than necessary, but after helping a friend ring in a significant birthday, going to a beautiful wedding, and meeting one of my best friends’ first born little boy, I sat back for a moment and literally just thought “I am one lucky SOB.”

Happy 30th to my dearest friend!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to an amazing mother, wife, and friend. You are a talented creative soul that I am lucky to have in my life as one of my closest friends (in both geography and friendship).


CONGRATULATIONS to Rebecca and Dylan (and Aydan!) on your nuptials. It was a beautiful wedding, awesome venue, and the rain stayed away for just the right amount of time!  We wish you nothing but happiness and love.

Nolan with his Grandma Anna

And lastly, NICE TO MEET YOU little Nolan and welcome to our world! Your mom is like a sister to me, your GrAnna is like my second mom, and you’re like my little nephew… even though I’m still scared to hold you (babies are like little aliens), I still love you!

Each of the events above have enough clout on their own to make someone happy and I am lucky enough to have experienced all of them in one week. So from one SOB to another, be grateful and stop complaining about your Monday already!