Drowning in Memories, the Life of a Procrastinator

After multiple attempts at scanning in memories, clearing the closet, letting go of sentimentals (magazines from 1995), I have realized that I suck at minimizing. I make honest attempts and have every intention of unloading dump truck loads of junk but every time I get the energy/time to focus on that project, it only lasts until I get distracted by something old and shiny. You know how it goes… You start to clean a drawer out, find an old toy/photo, start to reminisce, feel the need to call/email/Facebook old friends, and before you know it, the day is gone. There went my free day opportunity to clean out some junk.

Now, if you were to look up procrastinator in the dictionary, you might see my photo. It’s probably been there since I was in Jr. High or High School. I always get shizz done, but it may or may not frequently involve pulling all-nighters the night before something is due. Unfortunately my personal goal of minimizing doesn’t have a due date and I won’t get an F or get fired for not completing it. I must have been raised as a dog, cause treats seem to be my best motivation.

I have one last attempt at shaming myself into taking action by sharing my messes publicly. Don’t judge me for the junk journey you are about to embark upon, I swear my house is CLEAN… just cluttered and shameful. It’s really simple when I think about it, but at the same time there is an excuse for ALL of the tasks at hand (trait of a procrastinator).


One of the multiple boxes of photos to scan

Get all old photos scanned into computer – EXCUSE: If I do it myself the color quality won’t be a good as a professional, but that’s too expensive


Wall of DVDs with only those in cases showing…

Donate wall of DVDs that hasn’t been touched in years – EXCUSE: What if I want to watch that movie again someday?


The days of N’Sync, bubblegum Britney, CHRIStina, and the dream of the millennium

Recycle old magazines from the 90s – EXCUSE: Wouldn’t it be funny to show these to my kids someday?


Most of these are in newspaper format in a 50lb. box that Bryan threatens to never move again for me.

Let go of my collection of WWD (Womens Wear Daily) from my fashion school days – EXCUSE: Do you know how much that subscription was?! And fashion is cyclical, this may all be IN again… one day.


My eclectic music collection includes almost everything. Seriously, anyone remember Adina Howard? Google it.

Donate drawers full of CDs – EXCUSE: Pretty much every dollar I earned from 5th grade till 12th grade went into that collection! Plus I need to make sure they are all ripped onto my computer.


Literally spools and spools of old burned CD mixes from the Napster days…

Throw away mixed CDs from High School – EXCUSE: They all need to be ripped onto my computer and I’ll probably have to Shazam half the songs cause I don’t remember the names


It’s like an episode of Wipe Out getting to the wrapping paper

Clean out guest room closet – EXCUSE: I feel like one of those people from Hoarders when I enter that closet; I may never get out.


View of Lake Union and a teeny Mt. Rainier from underneath the Aurora bridge in Fremont.

RECENT EXCUSE FOR EVERYTHING: It’s sunny in Seattle, so I need to get outside… for my health. Vitamin D!

Maybe next year I’ll have an update with one of these minimizing tasks crossed off, but for now I am going to enjoy a cold one in the sun that we are temporarily enjoying in Seattle.