Wedding Highlight Video

20120219-113836.jpgAfter our solo Valentine’s Day, we both arrived home to a package in the mail from our wedding videographer. Our wedding DVD and highlight video was finally finished!

When we were planning the wedding, video was definitely low on the list, but I knew this was one of those days that you will never get to relive. My dad agreed with me, so despite Bryan’s grumbling we got a videographer. Of course, after Bryan and I watched the 1+ hour DVD of our wedding day, Bryan couldn’t be happier about that decision now. It will be fun to watch it again when we’re old and retired.

Thanks again to Aaron Horton Productions for creating a highlight video that will help us remember one of the best days of our lives! Enjoy!

Ashley + Bryan from Aaron Horton on Vimeo.

Vendor plugs… Couldn’t have pulled off the awesome day without help from the following: