First Valentine’s Day married, but alone!


When you think of Valentine’s Day you think of love and spending time with that special someone. And although Bryan and I are finally a legal married unit, the stars did not align this year! Somehow we both ended up on work trips the week of Valentine’s Day. I got sent to Calgary, Alberta in Canada and Bryan got sent to sunny California. It is a little disappointing, BUT we have never been the gooshy snuggle at the dinner table on a holiday couple. So, really it doesn’t mean anything painful for us to not be in the same building on this lovely day.


What I didn’t expect was to be sitting in my guest cube in Canada and have flowers show up! And of course, with Bryan’s track record, the florist messed something up and he was grumbly about it. I was thoroughly embarrassed. Deep down we all like to get that kind of public display of affection, but for me it’s really embarrassing when it happens. My face probably blended right into my coral sweater. Please see the lovely applique of my favorite coral sweater below. 😀



Then to make Bryan appear like an even bigger love bird, I got a second delivery of flowers (with an attached teddy bear) later in the afternoon.  This was getting really embarrassing now!  Apparently, this was the correct delivery and it was even bigger than the first one!!  Of course the guys that I work with made fun of me for it all day saying that newlyweds make the rest of them look bad.


And then to top off the cake of embarrassment, my boss decided to make a bottle of wine appear on my desk. See, he had me fly to Canada on Valentine’s week and he’s not even HERE for my first two days… I guess he felt bad, so I get wine. I win and my boss rules. So now I get to hang out in an office of about 600 people, most of which have no clue who I am, and let them stare at my cube filled with flowers and wine.  This won’t make for an uncomfortable week here since the cubicles here all have windows…