That was the sound coming out of Local 360 (@Local360Seattle) the other night as a crowd of people watched six guys compete for the title of “fastest shucker in the west!” Ok, there wasn’t really a title to be won… but you get the point.



In our ongoing hunt for oysters and constant tweeting about oysters, we became twitter buddies with Rob Tryon (@effingoyster) who grows oysters and mussels in the Effingham Inlet in Western Canada (#geteffed and try an Effingham Oyster, they’re DELICIOUS).  Rob was the one who told us about the “1st Annual Local 360 Oyster Shindig” that he was judging with Jon Rowley (@oysterwine) and Robin Leventhal (@chefrobinl). And if you get the chance to eat at Local 360 in Seattle, DO IT! I’ll describe THAT experience in a separate post, cause it definitely deserves it.


Shuckers getting the rules laid out

The shucking competition was open to anyone that wanted to enter — competitors included two from Elliott’s Oyster House (@ElliottsSeattle), two from the Walrus and Carpenter (@thewalrusbar), one from Taylor Shellfish Melrose (@tayloratmelrose), and one guy who just likes oysters (that guy rules for entering).  I am determined to attend the next one as a cheering wife of a participant…  HINT HINT to the oyster shuckin’ husband!!



The six competitors were randomly split into groups of three and the winner from each group was entered into the final shucking round, where the champion would be decided!  Check out the video of the two finalists from Elliott’s and Walrus shuckin’ it out below… And yes, the video makes it sound super quiet and weird in the venue. May I suggest they play music next time, merely for my video ambiance.


Robin Leventhal, Rob Tryon, and Jon Rowley doing some serious oyster judging

The judging of the final round was pretty intense.  None of us knew what the hells-bells was going on…  But after some SERIOUS deliberation, the winner was announced!!


Jorge from Elliott's and Anthony from Walrus

Luckily the husband is awesome at remembering names… So I can say that Jorge from Elliott’s (white chef jacket in photo) won the awesome prize of $250, plus a stay in the jacuzzi suite at the Roosevelt Hotel.  Pretty suite in my opinion.  HAHAHA!  Lame joke, I know.  And Anthony walked home with a year of shows at the Crocodile, which is equally as awesome.


Judges, Shuckers, and the Oyster Farmers

Anyways, I am seriously lovin’ these niche foodie events. It’s amazing how many people are out there that love to eat oysters and drink as much as the hubster and I do… Not that it’s THAT hard to find someone who likes to eat and drink.

If you want to learn how to shuck your own oysters, don’t be scared, just give it a try and maybe we’ll see you at the next shindig!