Cooking 101: Knife skills

Pretty much everyone sets some sort of new years resolution. Don’t lie, you know you did it too. And yes, it still counts as a resolution no matter what you call it. Anyways, one of my resolutions for 2012 was to widen my knowledge base of general cooking techniques. I was mildly intimidated, so I started with Knife Skills 101 at our local Whole Foods for a mere $15!


Potential bloody knife scene

We started with some basic knife skills such as using your knuckles and tucking your thumb under, walking with a knife, etc. Once we were all settled with our knives and cutting boards they gave us each a carrot and I was amazed at what I saw. Knives being held at an angle, fingers under the back part of the blade, knives swinging from shoulders… I was pretty sure we were going to see blood if things didn’t improve soon.


Instructor, Diane Moore


Removing the stem from collard greens

Luckily, Diane was an excellent instructor!  She also had some help from Eric at AAA Sharpener Edge, who walked around and pointed out helpful tips to individuals.  I felt awesome by the end when I didn’t get any pointers, until he mentioned that he could HEAR how dull my knife was…  EMBARRASSING!


Eric Rose from AAA Sharper Edge

Eric also gave us all a short lesson on proper maintenance of your knives. I followed that discussion with an immediate plea for him to take my knife away for professional sharpening, which he did in less than 24 hours!

At the end of the day, it was a very good class if you didn’t know anything about knives. But if you have a basic understanding of cooking, it may just be a light refresher. I guess all those years of growing up with my dad in the kitchen really paid off. I will definitely take more Salud! classes from Whole Foods, if anything the biggest payoff was the food that was made with our knife labors and will post THAT information soon!!