Laundry Lessons

I have learned over the years to check pockets before doing laundry; primarily for kleenex which likes to blow up in the dryer and leave kleenex dust on everything. What I have NOT learned is to check deep inside pockets for things like gummibears. Bryan and I are adults… grownups… we don’t carry floating gummibears in our pockets, right? WRONG.

This is what was discovered last night when we pulled the whites out of the dryer.


Pink spot on sleeve of Bryan's undershirt... NOT RUINED


More pink spots, but on the front of my white t-shirt... RUINED


Gummibear culprit melted into my new Anthro shirt... RUINED

So my laundry lesson for the new year is to check all pockets thoroughly… or maybe it should be to not hide gummibears in my pockets.