Chocolate Overdose

I admit to being a salty-savory person (in more ways than one), but I can appreciate the sweet things in life too. Last night, I did just that with a chocolate lava cake in a jar from local treat maker, Hot Cakes and nearly had a chocottack.


Adorable little mason jar to bake in


First spoonful created chocolate overflow to warn of rich goo inside


Shared half with the hubster due to overwhelming chocolate intensity


Wimped out and dumped remainder on ice cream

Quick Lesson on Hot Cakes: I was introduced to Hot Cakes Confections at the Voracious Tasting and Food Awards and fell in love as their sample spoon of EXTRA salty caramel sauce melted in my mouth. I would strongly recommend buying a bottle immediately if you are from Seattle.  If you are not from Seattle, make a friend IN Seattle and persuade them to buy it for you.

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