Turkey + Wedding = FUN

This year we spent Thanksgiving morning finishing a red-eye flight to Virginia for my cousins wedding. Luckily we were greeted by a homemade banquet of delicious treats and warm family hugs. After consuming an unhealthy amount of food, including four turkeys, seven pies, and two large trays of the best sweet potato casserole, I was peer pressured (cute faces will do that) by my cousins to squeeze my big butt through the trapdoor in their amazing treehouse in their back yard.

After we spent a day regaining our strength, we prepared for my cousins wedding that weekend. Bryan and I had never attended a Catholic wedding before and it was a beautiful ceremony. And of course, my cousin looked absolutely stunning in the dress she customized by hand!


While in Virginia we were super fortunate to have amazing weather, so we tried to take advantage of it by being educational tourists in some of the historic battlefields and sites in the area. I did have mild video game flashbacks of zombies rising from the leaves and attacking us while walking in the woods… Obviously, we survived.


The older we get the more meaningful family trips like this are and the more memorable. It was great to just chill-out with 2 aunts, 2 uncles, 12 cousins, husband, grandma, grandpa, dad, and Amy. All in all it was an amazing trip where “we drank like fish, ate like pigs, and laughed till we were in pain” (thanks, Amy!).